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Evolution of Chocolate

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Only Patricia Reeb knows why she married Robert, a third-generation French chocolate maker. They've been making chocolate together at Maison Robert for 30 years. It's no surprise our love of chocolates. But what surprises scientists is how long this love affairhas been going on.

Until now, we thought it started with the Mayans around 400 A.D. But according to a report in the journal of "Nature", after analyzing the contents of this ancient Mayan pot, turns out that chocolate dates as far back as 600 B.C., 1,000 years earlier than previously thought.

Jeff Husrt, a biochemist at the Hershey Company, was asked by archaeologists at the University of Texas to analyze residue they found in 14 Mayan pots unearthed in Belize. Using a machine called a mass spectrometer, Hurst identified the compound theobromine in some of that residue. Theobromine is a key compound in chocolate.

But Mayan chocolate, according to archaeologists is a lot different than a good old Hershey chocolate bar. It would not have been sweetened. From what at least, we know.

The Mayans, for example, would add peppers to it. They would add also vanilla, as far as we can tell. They would add also hallucinogenic mushrooms.

Now, the Mayans didn't eat chocolate like this. According to archaeologists, they mostly drank it, or they used the cocoa powder as seasoning for food. It was so valuable the Mayans even used cocoa beans as currency.


A lot of people say it's an aphrodisiac .