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How to make good chocolate with chocolate machine

2016-11-08 15:44Source:NEST Chocolate EquipmentAuthor:JackLink:

How to make good chocolate with chocolate machine?

It is very important to make the coating material have good dispersion and coating performance, which requires coating materials to have just right viscosity, too thick is not only not conducive to the operation, but also result thicker coating,witch will surely increase product cost.Too thin viscosity will easily cause insufficient and uneven coating amount, so the biscuits will easily get exposed,this does not only affect the appearance, but also detrimental to flavor. So the viscosity must be adjusted to just the right status.

How to make good chocolateHow to make good chocolate

How to adjust? Use emulsifier. The most commonly used emulsifier is phospholipid. Phospholipid was first discovered from the egg yolk, it is also known as lecithin. But now mostly are extract from the refined soybean oil b.Soybean phospholipids are the main components of lecithin, cephalin, inositol, phospholipids and phosphatidylserine, phosphatidic acid and triglycerides,etc.

How to make good chocolateHow to make good chocolate

Function of Phospholipids.

First, phospholipids has wetting function to  protein, can effectively reduce the interfacial tension between materials to increase the mixing and affinity. Secondly, it reduces the viscosity of the slurry, the appropriate amount of phospholipids can be transferred to the viscosity Thirdly,it has emulsifying and anti oxidation function to grease and improve the taste; Fourth, phospholipids have valuable nutritional, the prevention and treatment of neurological diseases, heart, liver, liver and other diseases, to improve the quality of the product, to improve the appearance of the product quality, Lung and metabolic diseases have a role; to help children grow and develop; help the elderly enhance memory, prevent aging, prevent atherosclerosis, and enhance the body's absorption of vitamin A.

Of course, in addition to phospholipid there are other emulsifiers can be applied, there are a wide variety of emulsifiers currently used in food additives in the market . If we want to use other emulsifiers, we must abide by the "food additives hygiene standards G B2760---2007” promulgated by Ministry of Health. Strictly follow The provisions for the allowable use of chocolate products in the emulsifier, and the use must also be strictly controlled within the allowable range.