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Why temperature adjusting is important while producing High quality Chocolate?

2016-11-23 15:54Source:chocolate equipmentAuthor:JackLink:

Why do we need to adjust temperature to make high quality pure chocolate?
The attractive appearance and perfect luster of solid chocolate are the result of accurate crystallization of the fat (cocoa butter) in chocolate. Cocoa oil itself can naturally crystallize out of different shapes, only in the highest melting point (35 degrees -36 degrees) the chocolate that crystallized out is the most stable.

Temperature adjusting is a process to make all cocoa butter form to stable chocolate forms,which ensures that the cocoa oil shrinks and the chocolate can be easily removed from the mold or plastic plate. This makes the chocolate hard and shiny and has a crisp sound when broken.

How do I know if the chocolate was not correctly temperatureed?
*Chocolate does not shrink and can not be removed from the mold.

*Chocolate melts directly in the hand.
*The surface of the chocolate becomes gray.
*Chocolate is not shiny.