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The Importance of Chocolate Polishing

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Polishing and sealing makes a product look attractive. There is nothing more appealing to the customer than a highly polished, glossy chocolate sweet. Like all the previous panning stages, polishing is a two-step process.

Chocolate Polishing

In theory, one or two coatings of shellac (shellac is the refined resinous secretions of the lac insect) would be sufficient to produce a good shine.However shellac, diluted in alcohol, will interact with the chocolate or the compound coating, so the fi nal surface is poor. To avoid this interaction,a sub-coat is applied as a barrier. The polishing masse consists of colloids(gum Arabic, dextrin, starches, etc.) in sugar syrup, with glucose added as an adhesive and to prevent crystallization. To reduce the possibility of the
product bed sticking together, it is advisable to add 3–5% of cocoa butter or hard fat as a separating agent. The polishing masse should then have a total solids content of 55–65%. Polishing solutions, which are available commercially, are in general a lot easier to use than home-made ones. This subcoat has a high polish of its own. Unfortunately, it is a water-based coating which loses its brilliance very quickly in a humid environment and so requires a sealant.

It is useful to understand what causes a high gloss. With the elimination of cracks, scratches and impurities and the like, a narrow spectrum of light is refl ected from the surface instead of being absorbed, thus giving the glossy appearance. A good gum solution, or shellac, acts as a fi ller and also forms a continuous fi lm over the surface, thereby providing all the requirements for a high gloss.

Polishing is usually carried out in pans dedicated to this task. The environment
should be dust free, cool and dry. The pans are equipped with ribs.

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