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LST 900mm width Chocolate Enrobing Machine
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LST 900mm width chocolate enrobing machine


Flowchart of chocolate process

  Melting Tank


 Chocolate Conches Chocolate Holding TankChocolate Mass Delivery Pump

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 Sugar Pulverizer                    Chocolate Enrobing Machine



The LST 900MM chocolate enrobing machine consists of Chocolate Enrobing Machine and Cooling Tunnel.

The enrobing line is to coat chocolate on various food such as biscuit, wafers, egg rolls, cake pie and snacks etc..

Cooling tunnel and some special devices are optional.

1: Material feeder: to simplify the feeding of biscuits or wafers to the enrobing wire mesh .

2: Granular sprinkler :to sprinkle sesame or peanut granular on the enrobing products.

3: Decorator:to decorate zigzags or stripes of different color on the surface of enrobing products.

Cooling tunnel


Air cooling tunnels are universally suitable  

With contact cooling on the base and convection cooling form above,optimum setting is availbale for any products.

The cooling module

1. Fully clad and insulated, no cold bridges

2. Optimum setting

3. Air flitter and water separator are standard

4. Either with integrated cooling compre LST or modulating system for cold water

5. Air drying with electrical air heating or dehumidifier as an option

Belt width
Belt speed
Total power
Dimension (outside)

LST-900 enrober





100-350 kg/h


Cooling Tunnel






Belt drive base plate

Sanitary design for the belt drive pedestal. the geared motor is directly attached, therefore no maintenance is required.

1.Each tunnel have two independent cooling area.

2.All-dimensional insulation, insulation cover

3.Automatic belt deviation rectification device, American Valley water chilling unit

500L chocolate holding tank


Usage:This machine is chocolate refiner pulp storage container after grinding .

Maximum capacity:550L

Rotating speed:14r / min

Overall capacity: 2.2kw

Outside Dimension: 1100mm × 1400 mm

Chocolate Pump:

Motor Power:3kw / 380v

Convey flow rate:32L / h

Conveyor length:12m

Syrup viscosity:48℃ E36

Wight:≤ 205kg

Outside dimension:950 × 350 × 640 1mm