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Full Automatic Chocolate Coating Machine
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Fully Automatic Coating Machine

A.Rotary-drum molding machine

 Main configuration:

 1.Computer control system, Siemens electrical appliances.

 2.Chain board transmission system.Stainless steel drum

bearing holes & adjustable guide plate  

 3.Detachable and sliding feeding device, and spray of

liquid with double spray nozzles.

 4.Fully-automatic powder spraying system, weight ratio

can be controlled.

 5.Encrypted space, temperature and humidity controllable.

 6.Automatic unloading at the bottom, more convenient

and faster.

B.Chocolate feeding system

 1.DALAS rotor pump and flow control valve,

 2.sets of stainless steel 300L storage tank.

 3.stainless steel pipe connection.

C. Auto powder spray system

 1.Auto control the ratio of the powder according to the flow.

 2.Evenly distributed.

 3.Parts can be easily push off from the rail,makes cleaning an  easy job.

D.Automatic Rinsing Device

 1.0.5m³water tank, heated by 6KW heating pipe

 2.Adopt high pressure water pump to connect both internal and external spray nozzles.

 3.While starting cleaning,high pressure rinsing with hot water will be done to internal part of the equipment.

 4.The sewage will directly go to sewer tunnel through bottom pipe after back flow to  filtered water tank.


 1.Equipped with the function of cooling,heating and humidity control.

 2.Circular high/low pressure air inlet and outlet pipe

 3.Connection with dust filtration system to remove dust.


The buyer is responsible for all pro-phase work of installation and debugging. For example,placing of equipment, interlink of cooling pipes, provision of power and compressed air, etc, as well as timely supply of enough test material in the debugging process.    

Environmental conditions of the equipment production field

 1.4Mpa Compressed Air Source

 2.Equipment Power:380+/-10% 50HZ

 3.Be Equipped with air conditioner and dehumidifier to ensure the best temperature condition for product coating and polishing.

Engineers’ Debugging Work

 1.Equipment has already been debugged before output. Engineer shall debug the equipment at customer site as well until chocolate products manufactured with a standard time for 10 to 20 days

 2.The client shall ensure at least one trained technician for assisting debugging and learning equipment operation rules.

Delivery Clause

 1.The seller shall be responsible for the round-trip air ticket, while the buyer shall be in charge of  accommodation and local transportation.

 2.The buyer shall be responsible for pipes and cables at site, and install in accordance with seller’s engineer request.

 3.The engineer shall have the right to require additional personnel for assistance.

 4.Below are beyond of seller’s delivery scope:

*Civil works.

*The main power supply facilities.

*Compresses air and pipes needed for it.

*The cooling source.

*Lighting protective devices.

*Consumables for installation.


 5.As the provider of equipment, the seller shall be responsible for product moulding. The formula and raw material could be selected at the buyer’s choice.